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Charter | Official travel agency partnership

It is really easy to travel to Geneva. Within 2 hours max, you can fly from and to all European cities (i.e.: Paris 45 minutes, London 90 minutes, Amsterdam 90 minutes and Rome 110 minutes).

Our official travel agency is Charter SA. Do not hesitate to contact them. These efficient professionals will be happy to help you to travel to Geneva and to organise your journey and/or excursions before or after the tournament to.

As a World Martial Art Games Fighter you have the best travel opportunities through our official travel agency partnership, Charter !

Get exclusive benefits when booking your travel with our official travel agency partnership, Charter.

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Charter Voyages S.A.

17 place Montbrillant, Genève

Tel +41 (0)22 734 35 35
Fax +41 (0)22 734 60 14